A Romantic Crater Lake Elopement


J and B had their elopement photos taken at one of my favorite Oregon locations — Crater Lake National Park! With a fashion style as great as their sense of humor I had SO much fun documenting their love around the park! 

We had an amazing day writing vows, reading vows, laughing at B’s ridiculously funny sarcastic remarks, cuddling up for a good sunset up at the Cloudcap Overlook and stargazing from one of Oregon’s best locations to do so!


My style of photography is a healthy mix of between documentary and editorial. I strive to let couples simply live in the moment while I capture key moments that tell  the story of their day. I also look for inspiration in the landscapes and our surroundings to suggest ideas that I think would be flattering and reminiscent of a fashion magazine editorial. Above all, I encourage couples to embrace their quirks and little personality traits that make them unique. ^_^


J & B opted to write their vows on location so we took a seat at Rim Village, overlooking the famous Crater Lake. I’m sure the scenery inspired their writing too, just a bit!


We then spent some time taking it all in. Not only the beautiful deep blue lake but the craftsmanship of the old buildings at Rim Village. A fun fact if you’re a history nerd — the structures at Rim Village were initially built from 1927 to 1932. So most of the buildings you see in these pictures are nearly a century old! They have surely been renovated over the years but the bones are original. Which is pretty crazy to think about considering Crater Lake gets an average of 48 feet of snow every year!


After writing their vows, we headed over to Merriam Point where they would read them to each other. Although I am ordained in all 50 states, they did their paperwork ahead of time so we didn’t need to have an officiant present. Wind in their hair, surrounded by spectacular views all around them, this was an incredible way to voice their lifelong commitment to one another.


Next, we headed over to another one of my favorite views in the park – Llao Rock. I don’t know what it is but something about Llao rock really speaks to me. It kind of reminds me of Yosemite’s El Capitan. Perhaps that’s what earned it the little soft spot in my heart. 


J & B then indulged in charcuterie plates with cheeses of all kinds, crackers, fruits and chocolates. It was the perfect little snack station after all of the excitement! The food was prepared prior to our journey into the park and kept in a cooler to stay fresh.


This method was the easiest option for us at the time but if you are planning for more guests, there are plenty of services in the area ready to prepare and deliver food straight to your micro-wedding or crater lake elopement!

Check out Sprig and Spread, Prineville Catering, and if you are getting married here in the summer/fall. The Crater Lake Lodge also offers a fine dining experience.

Feel free to message me for more Crater Lake National Park vendor recommendations! imagineelopements@gmail.com

We then popped some bubbly for that classic champagne spray you just have to do when you elope!


We made our way around the north side of Crater Lake all the way to Cloudcap Overlook. There, we shared the viewing area with some van lifers who also appreciated the setting sun. B pulled out the cutest blanket to wrap around J and we all enjoyed the gorgeous sunset together.

Once the sun had set, I was eager to get some fun astro photos with them, overlooking the lake. We played with lanterns and double exposures and I just love how it all came out!



If you are interested in a Crater Lake Wedding or Elopement, I am an expert wedding and elopement photographer for this location — since I literally live across the street!

To learn more about how to get married in Crater Lake National Park, check out my Crater Lake Elopement Guide for everything you need to know to elope here.

If you are planning your wedding or elopement from a distance, rest assured I am always happy to visit the park on your behalf to scope things out and see what the real-time status is on open locations or any closures we need to be aware of.

Should you need any additional information, please don’t hesitate to send me an email! I’m always happy to help!


~ Mia

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