Nestled along Iceland’s wild southern coast, the Dyrho虂laey Lighthouse is like the cool older cousin of all lighthouses. With its classic white and red look, it’s like the lighthouse version of a fashion icon. It’s been holding its ground since 1927 鈥 it keeps ships safe with its guiding light. Plus, the view from up there? Mind-blowing. It’s like Mother Nature’s own IMAX theater, with black cliffs and waves that’ll make you want to hang out there for a while. So, if you’re ever in Iceland, don’t skip this slice of coastal charm and killer views!

My style of photography is a healthy mix of between documentary and editorial. I strive to let couples simply live in the moment while I capture key moments that tell聽 the story of their day. I also look for inspiration in the landscapes and our surroundings to suggest ideas that I think would be flattering and reminiscent of a fashion magazine editorial. Above all, I encourage couples to embrace their quirks and little personality traits that make them unique. ^_^



If you are interested in my Iceland Elopement photography, I would love to help you find the best locations to celebrate your epic day!

All of my Elopement Photography Packages include research and planning assistance as well as in-person location scouting to make sure that we are able to safely access and explore your chosen locations. ^_^

Should you need any additional information, please don鈥檛 hesitate to send me an email! I’m always happy to help!

~ Mia

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