Getting Ready Photos – Are They Really Necessary?

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Short answer: Yes. Absolutely.



Just because you’re choosing to elope doesn’t make your day matter any less. It marks the first day of your lifelong commitment to each other and is a major part of your story that you’ll never want to forget.

I read an article recently by the Neuroscience News stating that memories, no matter how significant or happy they are, fade over time. “We found that memories seem to literally fade: people consistently remembered visual scenes as being less vibrant than they were originally experienced.” – Psychologist, Rose Cooper



The day you get married is one you’ll want to relive over and over again. It will come up in conversations, your future children will ask, and family members who weren’t there will want to know all about it. Plus, it’s just plain fun to pull out a whole visual of the best day ever!

Not only for others, but for YOU. You’ll want to remember every detail —like the thoughtful letter your groom surprised you with, the song you played for him on the guitar, the chipmunk that spontaneously ran between while saying your vows.

Your memories truly matter.


A big reason of why I became a photographer is because I know how fast my own memories fade. I literally take pictures of everything just because I know I’ll forget! And I love looking back on them years later, reminiscing about a beautiful moment in my life or looking back on a tough time I managed to get through. Photography, for me, is like a full-sensory experience. I actually believe it’s the closest thing we have to time travel. ^_^

So all that is to say, when choosing how much photo coverage you should have on your special day, my biased opinion is to get as MUCH of it documented as you can.

Because memories fade, and the ability look at and hold them in your hands for the rest of your lives… is priceless. 🖤

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Hi! I’m Mia!

I live in a tiny cabin in the woods of central Oregon and have been photographing wedding celebrations since 2010. My love languages are quality time and travel.

I created Imagine Elopements to encourage more couples to really think about the possibilities of what their ultimate wedding day could look like. Getting married is a big deal. The way you get married should be as unique as the life you’re building together. If that resonates with you at all, I would love to help you imagine your perfect elopement day. ♥︎

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