Dog Friendly Crater Lake Engagement Photos

I met Paty and JD through a lovely little wedding group on Facebook. JD had just proposed and they were looking for a photographer to take their engagement photos. At the same time I had just posted about wanting to do a session at Crater Lake National Park so it was the perfect happenstance!


Once we connected over the phone, we realized we had so much in common! From our shared love of photography, travel, and our aspirations to live a sustainable lifestyle, to being first-generational immigrants living in Oregon and running our own businesses!


Speaking of which, Paty runs this adorable shop called Pati-ya’s Boutique selling eco-friendly soy candles in repurposed jars, plants and jewelry. If you’re in the Portland area, definitely check her out!


They told me all about their beloved fur babies, Rocko and Cole, so I decided we simply had to include them in our session! After a bit of research, I found that only a few trails in the park allow dogs and none of them are located near the lake, (except for the Rim Village and a ¼ mile trail there). So I found this one in particular, the Godfrey Glen Trail —an easy 1-mile loop that welcomes pets and rewards you with stunning views of the columnar ash formations. We decided to begin the shoot a couple of hours before sunset, and it was absolutely perfect!


We met up in the parking lot by Godfrey Glen Trail on a beautiful September afternoon. Paty and JD were incredibly prepared, and I helped them make some final outfit decisions. As we made our way through the forest, the sun began to dip, casting long shadows across the forest floor. The air was cool and crisp, and the scent of pine and earth filled our noses. Rocko and Cole were ecstatic, darting around our feet and wagging their tails in delight.


As we approached the canyon, the columnar ash formations rose up in front of us, their rough edges softened by the golden light of the setting sun. Every turn of the trail revealed a new perspective, a new angle from where to appreciate the beauty of this place.


Paty and JD giggled and joked with each other as we walked, occasionally stopping to steal a kiss or two. Rocko and Cole were equally happy, bounding around us and exploring every inch of the trail.

As the light dipped below the horizon, the forest around us was bathed in the warm glow of the setting sun. We paused for a moment to take it all in, the majestic beauty of it all stretching out before us.

Meeting Paty and JD, exploring Crater Lake National Park, and spending time with Rocko and Cole was such a joy, and I cannot wait to do it again this summer at their wedding!


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