Hi! I’m Mia

I’ve traveled all over the world but I get to call central Oregon my home. I’m lucky enough to have found my passion at an early age, always obsessed with magazines and pretty pictures. When I was old enough to buy my first camera, I did photoshoots with my friends and intently study what makes a good picture. In college, a few friends would ask me to capture their weddings and the rest as they say, is history!

It’s been over 12 years and a few hundred weddings later, I still love what I do. I have seen it all and am happy to help in any way I can –even if it’s not photography related. Above all, I encourage you to celebrate your commitment in a way that allows the space to truly be yourselves, present, care-free and have fun the entire time. You deserve it, and your pictures will show it too!

a few of my favorite things

The Alchemist

La Croix


High Desert

crater lake national park waterfall
portrait of mia elopement photographer of imagine elopements

A bit About My Darling and I…

couple photo at yosemite national park

…since you just might meet him on the trail!

couple photo at yosemite national park

Pacman and I met at a bon-fire in Joshua Tree on New Years Eve while each on our own adventurous road trips. We then went our separate ways but kept in touch for a while until he decided to meet me at my next destination: Yosemite National Park


Our first date was a 5-day hike on the Yosemite North Rim Trail. We got to know each other very quickly and had a feeling this would be a long term thing. We lived about 3000 miles from each other so we dated from a distance for a while. Now, we own and live on 5 acres of land in central Oregon and Crater Lake National Park is our actual neighbor! 

crater lake wedding elopement

We love our homestead and enjoy raising chickens, gardening and cooking scrumptious meals together. When we’re not working, we’re often camping some place with beautiful views, fishing a new lake, kayaking or paddleboarding into the sunset.


I’ve always been a traveler but he’s brought the more adventurous side out of me. We have seen so much of the world together and our love of travel has brought many incredible new experiences our way.  Being able to share those moments with other couples is absolute magic!

Think we’ll be a good fit?