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Hi! I’m Mia!

portrait of mia elopement photographer of imagine elopements

My approach to photography is a cross between documentary and editorial. I’ve always been obsessed with magazines. I would study what makes a good picture like Einstein studied the theory of relativity. When I got my first camera I’d dress-up and make-up my friends and experiment with different poses & styles like I saw in the magazines. In college, I worked with models as they built their first portfolios. I knew that posing for the camera doesn’t come natural to anyone, so I focused on making people feel comfortable in order to get the pictures we needed. Eventually, I turned my attention to weddings and fell madly in love. Now, I focus exclusively on making real couples look and feel great on their wedding day!

As an elopement photographer, I want to help you create an experience that is based on your dream wedding day. With a focus on sustainability, leaving no-trace, and minimalist approaches to your wedding experience, I ensure your day is full of fun, organic moments in locations that are inspired by your imagination. Eloping allows you independence in how you share the most beautiful moment of your life with your partner.
self portrait of mia from imagine elopements enjoying a waterfall
mia from imagine elopements enjoying a campfire
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Meet my partner Pacman…

couple photo at yosemite national park

We met in Joshua Tree at a bon-fire on New Years Eve. We were each on our own adventurous winter road trips and kept in touch via Instagram for a couple weeks until he decided to meet me at my next destination: Yosemite National Park. 

Our first date was a 5-day hike on the Yosemite North Rim Trail. We got to know each other very quickly and had a feeling this would going to be a long term thing. We lived 3000 miles from each other at the time so we had a long distance relationship for 4 years, spending every winter together as both our jobs were seasonal. Now, we own 5 acres of land in the woods of Central Oregon! 

We love our homestead and enjoy listening to true crime podcasts, raising animals, gardening and cooking meals together. If we aren’t working, we’re often camping somewhere with beautiful views, kayaking a new lake, or paddleboarding into the sunset.

I’ve always been a traveler but he’s brought out the more adventurous side of me. As a couple, we are constantly searching of something new to experience together. We have seen so much of the world together and our love of travel has brought so many adventures our way.  Being able to photograph other couples’ wedding day in beautiful outdoor settings is truly magical. ^_^